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Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)

Welcome to our Hand Arm Vibration Web Page, we have detailed below various pieces of information for your perusal, some are from the official HSE Web Site others borrowed from own experiences to bring as much information as possible to assist companies in understanding what is required to cover the Hand Arm Vibration risk assessment.
This should help you understand what is actually required to put into place a legal “Vibration Risk Assessment” with all the correct tests and documentation for your company in relation to Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)


DPA Technologies on site testing and evaluation charges are
  • 1-15 tools £250.00 (to include travelling and all other expenses)

  • Above 15 tools the charge is £10.00 for each tool.

  • For 60 tools and above by quotation only.

Fully tested and official documented electronic data supplied to you for each machine in accordance with EN BSI ISO 5349-2:2002

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

Advise that workers may suffer “Vibration White Finger” syndrome from the use of high vibration mechanically driven hand tools such as Sanders, Grinders & Disc Cutters used in day to day production in the work place.
In order to make employees aware of the symptoms and dangers associated with the prolonged use of mechanically driven hand tools workers should be given access to the HSE Vibration Web Page at
What is White Finger Vibration and how do you indentify the symptoms?
Please click onto PowerPoint Presentation “A layman guide to white finger vibration symptoms & effects”

The Law relating to vibration in the workplace

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance should be carried out by a company official to establish if any operator employed by the company displays any of these symptoms shown on the HSE web site, if any employee has any of these symptoms then it is vital his hand tool usage is subject to weekly monitoring.


Further reductions in hand tool vibrations can be brought about

by undertaking the following actions

(1) Tools should be regularly maintained to run efficiently
(2) Purchase of new tools with built in low vibration designs
(3) Only run tools using the correct accessories, in the case of Random orbital Sanders the use of correctly balanced Back up Pads is vital, for grinding machines again good balanced abrasive wheels are essential to maintain low levels of vibration
(4) Change working practices where possible, if you are using grinding wheels see if the operation can be done using a coated abrasive products instead which have a much lower vibration effect
(5) Support the substrate you are grinding and sanding a huge amount of resonant vibration is created when the component is not firmly clamped down.
(6) Train operators in the “Best Practice Method” for using hand tools, the operator may have used them for many years but that it not say they are using them as correctly recommended by the manufacture.


A Company Risk Assessment Program

Protect your company and protect your workers, the creation of a good “risk Assessment Program” within your company is essential particularly in cases of litigation, without this program you have very little chance of defending yourself in a court of law, it should also be pointed out that in some cases the company who insure you against such litigation can reduce premiums where they see such a program is in place.

All testing carried out in accordance with Britsh Standard

EN ISO 5349-2:2002


For your full legal duty in this matter we ask you to refer to the  look up Risk Assessment, to do nothing is not an option

For further information call:
Scotland Tel: 0141 840 4946. Midlands Tel: 07861 716 106
Repair Service Contracts
We normally offer a three-day turn around
on most makes of pneumatic tools.
All of our repairs carry a six month warranty.
Each tool repaired is tested by a Larson
Davis HMV100 Human Hand Arm Vibration Meter. Readings recorded.